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Interpretation Course of Organic Standards for Coffee Farming

Get to know the Organic Coffee Growing Market with the Organic Standards Interpretation (Brazil, Europe and the United States) course for Coffee Growing.


About the course:

The Organic Coffee Production Course, offered by BrasilGAP, aims to enable professionals to interpret organic standards for coffee growing; know the certification, audit procedures and basic documentation.

The material will also cover topics such as variety selection, seedling production, planting, crop management, pest and disease control, conversion of conventional to organic coffee, harvesting, certification, marketing and more.

Course will feature the participation and presentation of input companies before each break.

Carolina Manço 
Zootecnista, PhD in Animal Products Technology, Auditor in Organic Standards. Has extensive experience in organic agriculture.

Mauricio Malvoni
Eng. Agronomist, Agronomic Consultant for Organic Coffee Production




03/12 – Tuesday – Speaker: Carolina Manço

  • Concepts, applications and how the organic certification process works.
  • Interpretation of Standards and Legislation for Primary Organic Vegetable Production for Brazil, Europe and the United States.


04/12 – Wednesday – Morning – Speakers: Carolina Manço

  • Interpretation of Standards and Legislation for Processing and Trading (Traders) of Organic Products for Brazil, Europe and the United States.


04/12 – Wednesday – Afternoon – Speakers: Maurício Malvoni

  • Modern organic coffee growing, a new production concept.
  • Formation, conversion and conduction of a coffee crop in organic production system.


12/05 – Thursday

  • Field visit.