03 Oct 2019

Foundation Assembly Of The National Entity Representing The Brazilian Organic Movement

The Brazilian organic movement is becoming even stronger. This Thursday 3, in São Paulo, the founding assembly of Instituto Brasil Orgânico takes place, which is born with the purpose of working to defend, expand and develop organic production in the country, involving all the links in the chain, from producer to consumer. .

According to its organizing committee, Instituto Brasil Orgânica will gather information and set up working groups to discuss the major issues of organic agriculture and provide support to farmers, processors, traders, consumers, technicians and others interested in this form of food production.

In addition to contributing to increasing organic production and consumption in the country, the organization will promote actions to inform producers, consumers, health professionals, teachers and students, among others, about the importance of healthy eating for the population and for the sustainability of the planet.

The Brasil Orgânico Institute, which will be headquartered in Brasilia, will also encourage and promote the development of appropriate technologies for organic and agro-ecological production in all segments that integrate its production chains, in addition to seeking to improve and innovate different forms of production. marketing, reinforcing fair trade principles.

Members of the organization’s organizing committee include agronomists Rogério Dias, former coordinator of organic agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture; José Pedro Santiago, founder and first president of AAO (Organic Agriculture Association); and Marcelo Laurino, executive secretary of CPOrg (São Paulo State Organic Production Commission).

During the foundation meeting of the entity, a tribute will be made to the great inspirer of Brazilian organic agriculture, Dr. Ana Maria Primavesi, who turns 99 on October 3 and will be represented at the ceremony by her daughter, Carin Primavesi.

Principles of Instituto Brasil Orgânico
* The reconciliation between sustainable development and nature conservation;
* Social responsibility at all stages of the production chain;
* The right of everyone to a healthy diet;
* Guaranteeing the security and food sovereignty of the entire population;
* Respect for human rights;
* The appreciation of fair and solidary trade;
* Institutional independence;
* Repudiation of prejudice and discrimination of any kind; and
* Legality, impersonality, morality, publicity, economy and efficiency.

Founding Assembly of Instituto Brasil Orgânico
Date: October 3rd (Thursday)
Time: 5 pm
Location: Paulinho Nogueira Auditorium – White Water Park – Francisco Matarazzo Avenue, 455 – Perdizes – São Paulo (SP)

Photo: Entity born with the objective of encouraging increased production and consumption of organic foods in the country – Photo: Embrapa / Archive