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05 Sep 2019

Organic Consumer Survey Launched 2019

Updated profile of the Brazilian organic consumer

The habits, perceptions and demands of Brazilian consumers of organic products were thoroughly investigated by Organis, in partnership with the Brain Institute. The result is now available and will help you plan your actions in the organic segment.

Know the results

What products do you consume and how often? Where do you prefer to shop? What is the shopping experience like? What is the perception of value? Are you willing to consume more? The organic market grows every day in Brazil and companies are interested in investing in the development of new organic products, aimed at conscious and demanding consumers. The Organic Consumer Survey confirms this growth trend and shows that as the Brazilian economy picks up growth, the number of organic consumers tends to increase. Knowing in depth the habits and needs of this audience is the first step to plan successful actions in the organic sector.

Purchase Full or Custom Search

The Organic Consumer Survey is fully accessible to all Organis members. To download the complete files, fill out the form below requesting your complete search.

Non-Organis members can have access to the full report of the Organic Consumer Survey, at a cost of R $ 2,000 . For information fill out the form below with the full version message for non-associate.

The database resulting from the 2019 Organic Consumer Survey allows for further analysis and cross-checking beyond those presented in the full version. Companies interested in deepening the findings to meet their demands can request customized reports with additional budgets. Fill out the form below with the message custom version.

To request the full survey fill out the form at the link below:

Download here the short version.