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20 Dec 2020

Thanks 2020

Dear friend,

We are in the last days of a year that will go down in history, the pandemic is affects everyone, we feel the losses, both human and material.

Like all the setbacks and intense adaptations we had to make, we proved to humanity the great importance of having a clean, tracked agriculture that distributes health, conserved and well managed environments, socially fair and economically interesting for society. IBD is proud to be part of this positive side of the story.

We show that what was known for decades today is proven, techniques that are friendly to nature and man prevail and become a trend and consolidate new achievements. What used to be a scientific hypothesis, an empirical observation, became a scientific practice consolidated in concrete results. Conservation of biodiversity in all spheres, from soil to biome, biological control, absence of residues, traceability, transparency are some factors that go beyond the borders of organic and conquer all forms of agriculture. Many are inspired by the organic, as a major objective, it is no wonder that so many different labels that highlight specific sustainable qualities proliferate. Research shows that the organic seal is today the reference seal of society, this process has never been stronger and more evident.

IBD certification is friendly to man and nature.

IBD team is cohesive and takes you further and achieves more. We operate in more than 31 countries, we have alliances with at least 30 reference certifiers around the globe. We issued nearly 6700 commercial transaction certificates / declarations this year for inner market and export to 50 countries.

We approved more than 1600 thousand labels and 2900 product formulas. With 50 auditors in Brazil and more than 200 abroad and 50 people in the head office and at home, today we have a robust structure, networking, contacts, partnerships and technology allied to the best provision of services.
This year IBD innovated with the Vegan standard for food and cosmetics, Carbon Neutral Meat Seal together with Embrapa, we adhered to the Regenerative standard (ROC) and we will develop it in 2021. We are becoming more complete, ready to offer the best solution and demand certification in the sustainability sector.

To the heroes that produce agriculture and industry, we have everything to be thankful for, they provide our food with dignity and with love. We are sure that producers feel connected with organic and sustainable consumers. The producer dreams of the ideal that what he produces is desired by the consumer. Yes, consumers want to consciously consume products of organic and sustainable quality. This is the alliance to which we participate with great pride!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year are the votes of the IBD team!


Alexandre H. Harkaly

IBD Executive Director